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Coaches’ Education Programme

Gauteng Cricket Board runs cricket courses through its coaching education office on behalf of Cricket SA. The coaching education office runs the following courses:
1. Orientation Course
2. Level I
3. Level II
Please see the CSA coaching courses offered on the sub menu from coaches corner for more details.

Applications for courses:
  • All candidates that wish to apply to be part of our coaching courses will need to fill in the application form below and send to giftmathe@cricket.co.za
  • All level II applications to forward their applications to the coaching education office at least six weeks before the start of the level II course as there is a pre course assignment that candidates will need to complete before the start of the course

  • Cost for courses are R250 for Level II and R200 for a level I
Important Notes:
  • Coaches that are actively involved in our structures e.g. clubs, schools, school area teams will be considered for our level II coaching courses

  • All level II coaching courses are conducted at the Wanderers
Request for orientation and level I courses to be conducted at the school/area/club:

All Clubs/Schools areas are welcome to request for coaching courses to be conducted at their venues. The below requirements will need to be met for the course date to be allocated and conducted at a venue of their choice:

  • A club/school/area can make an application to GCB for the coaching course to take place at their venue if they have at least 15 people that can  attend the course

  • Facility to have a clubhouse/classroom where facilitation for at least 15 people can take place

  • A field and or nets will be required where practical coaching can be conducted
Coaching Course Programme 2016/2017
Date Course Venue   Facilitator
02–04 & 09–11 Feb 2016 Level I Parktown Boys High School Clubs/Schools Gift Mathe
03 - 05 & 09 - 11 May 2016 Level II Roodepoort    
30 May -02 June &
06 - 09 June 2016
Level I Wanderers Stadium    
26 - 28 July &
02 - 04 August 2016
Level I Vaal University    
06 - 08 & 13 - 15 September Level I St Stithians College    

31 Jan - 02 Feb &
07 - 09 Feb 2017

Level I Wanderers Stadium    
N:B Course dates are subject to change

Contact: Gift Mathe

E-Mail: giftmathe@cricket.co.za 

Office: 011 340 1500

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